Connecting with potential buyer clients is always a joy for me. Buying a home, investing in property and thinking about business decisions can be a taunting and stressful decision for anyone and I always try to provide as much ease as possible. 

One of the largest questions I receive from clients is “Is it worth buying a home in Hawaii?” While the Local girl in me wants to immediately say “yes!” I understand the economics looming in their mind behind the question. 

Hawaii’s real estate market is unprecedented, particularly in recent years. Hawaii saw development soar in the 1960’s and 1970’s because residential populations grew and new residents needed housing. Hawaii’s lucrative real estate market is one of the most stable because the privately owned land-use is limited due to Hawaii’s rich real property history. Buying in Hawaii is comparable to buying a prized gem that will never lose its value, despite the economic tune of the outside world. 

Hawaii is my home, it’s one of the highest return on investment locations in the world and so when I answer “yes” and explain why, it comes from my own love for Hawaii but also because of the incredible economic value of land ownership. 

If you’re hesitant as to whether or not buying a home here in my home, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll share why my answer is always a “yes.”