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Kelly Valenzuela is a local girl born and raised in Hawaii and has extensive knowledge about the islands and all they have to offer. If you’re looking for a Realtor that truly knows Hawaii, from the culture to local district insights, look no further. Kelly takes pride in the quality of her relationships and work ethic and ensures that all of her clients feel at home working with her.

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Hawai'i Island is the youngest island in the chain and has earned the nickname The Big Island for it's size-it's so big  the other Hawaiian islands can fit withing it's perimeter. Even with such a large island to explore you're never more than 29 miles from a beach!

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Do you prefer dry desert heat, listening to the rain every evening, or cool nights? The Big Island has 8 micro-climates on this one special island allowing you to chose the location that best suits your preference.

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'Kona' is Hawaiian for 'leeward' meaning the western part of the island is sheltered from the wind and rain. Kona side has a well earned reputation for having dry and sunny weather for a good portion of the year, perfect for hitting the beach!

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With such a large and diverse landscape and beautiful oceans Hawai'i Island is a playground in paradise. Swimming with dolphins, exploring volcano national park, or hiking to waterfalls... it's hard to choose where to even start!

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Although famous for it's world renowned coffee, Hawai'i offers many exciting foods to try. From our local farmers markets where you'll find delicious tropical fruits to the variety of microbreweries around the island, there's a little something for everyone. Of course, the local specialties are always worth trying!

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Kailua-Kona lies at the foot of Mount Hualalai and is a center of activity, today and throughout its history, Once home to King Kamehameha I in the late 18th century, it is now an area full of historical sites and sacred temples, along with a center for tourism and home to the state's coffee industry. Kailua-Kona has a full and intriguing history that you'll love to learn as you settle down in the area.

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